Simulation is a very concrete method of learning the fundamental concepts of the company. It is a dynamic exercise during which, divided into a certain number of teams, the participants will manage fictitious companies competing in a given market over time.
In order to do so, they will have to define their company’s strategy, which will cover production, commercial and financial policy. The participants will thus be led to periodically take a certain number of decisions. The results obtained for each period will constitute the new basis on which new decisions are taken affecting the following period.


development of interaction situations, whether within teams (group dynamics faced with the need to make decisions together) or between teams (competition and/or cooperation in various forms):
sub-contracting contracts, export, joint venture among other examples).


Our simulations are available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.


The range includes different types of simulations, each characterized by a set of variables that determine the level of complexity: products, markets, economic environment, specific skills to be developed (strategy, marketing, communication, finance, negotiation, cooperation, macro-economics, sustainable development, etc.).

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