Une filiale d’un groupe cosmétique international en charge de la commercialisation de trois produits sur un marché



A subsidiary of an international cosmetics group in charge of marketing three products in one market

Kallystée represents a commercial subsidiary of an international cosmetics group whose leadership has always been asserted through its research teams and marketing know-how. It simulates a company that is in charge of marketing three products on a market in supermarkets. The level of complexity of the simulation is adapted to undergraduate students.



The Group to which the firm belongs has launched an LPX skin care cream in selective distribution. LPX is a registered trademark of the Group, which concerns a family of formulas developed by its R&D department. The simulated firm was created to market a line of LPX products in mass distribution. These products are intended to be of excellent quality.
The firm does not directly manufacture the products it sells. As a result, it has no workers or manufacturing equipment. The products it sells, which it has designed itself, are manufactured at its request by another specialized subsidiary of the Group, to which it contracts each period. The company is subject to a strict regulatory environment.


The simulation contains nearly forty decisions relating to marketing and sales policy (product names, sales prices, referencing, rebates, advertising, promotion, POS and merchandising, sales force, studies, etc.); procurement policy (product purchasing); R&D policy (product quality); financial policy (loans, discounting); forecasting decisions (sales forecasts; cash flow and earnings).
The Kallystée simulation is adapted to the License level.


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