A mass-market consumer product in marketplace…



A mass-market consumer product in marketplace…

With a product and a market, Chadora is a good introductory exercise in business management. It is a simple game that focuses on the fundamental mechanisms of management. It is perfectly adapted to integration seminars.


Chadora is a business game that simulates, in a market, an industry made up of a number of competing firms that manufacture and sell a consumer product in a national market. This product, made with a single production process, is composed of a single raw material. The distribution channels are wholesalers and retailers.


The simulation contains twenty decisions relating to commercial policy (sales price, conditions of sale on credit, advertising, sales force, etc.); production policy (production volume, purchase of raw materials, investments, research and development, etc.); financial policy (borrowing, interest rates, dividends paid to shareholders, etc.),
forecasting decisions (revenue forecasts; cash flow and earnings).
The Chadora simulation is adapted to the Bachelor’s level.

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