A subsidiary of an international cosmetics group in charge of marketing three products in one market




Mirage is a synthesis simulation of great combinatorial richness. It focuses on strategy (diversification, alliances, competition through innovation and costs) and requires mastery of all management functions (strategy, marketing, production, human resources, partnerships, and finance with an integrated stock market module).
In Mirage, companies operate in a fairly difficult context (textiles with destabilizing imports). They can launch three products through two channels (traditional retailers and superstores) for a total of six different product-market pairs in terms of price, quality, production, etc.).
The manual is very complete, but easy to access thanks to a systematic index. The level of management functions is quite advanced.


The simulation contains nearly 75 decisions covering all areas of the company. The production pole (level of production, recourse to subcontracting, purchasing policy for several types of raw materials with a forward hedging option, investment in production equipment, etc.). The human resources pole (management of the workforce, absenteeism, paid vacations, variation in purchasing power, etc.). The marketing and sales pole (sales force management, advertising, commercial discounts, etc.). The finance division (loans, dividends, discounts, capital increases, stock market prices, takeover bids, etc.). Finally, forecasting decisions (turnover, net income, cash flow).

Mirage simulation is suitable for Master’s and MBA levels.


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