A small company that does not know the crisis




A small company that does not know the crisis

Pizzéda is a very simple business game whose objective is to make discover the world of a small business and to acquire skills in the field of management.


The company produces and sells take-away pizzas 21 days a month. Initially, the owner is the only person in charge of the production and sale of the pizzas. For the production of the pizzas, the company can use two types of ovens, electric or wood-fired. The use of a wood oven increases the quality of the products. The company offers only one type of pizza but can use two types of raw materials (standard or superior).


The simulation contains eleven decisions relating to commercial policy (sales price, advertising, sales force, market research); production policy (production volume, quality, investments, recruitment, salaries, etc.).
The Pizzéda simulation is adapted to the secondary level (Lycée Terminale) and Licence 1.

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