Two products in the industrial sector and two markets



Two products in the industrial sector and two markets

Polytech is a company with an industrial component, which implies complex manufacturing processes, heavy investments, the management of a large workforce, and rigorous inventory management. With two products on two markets (one of which is export), Polytech raises issues related to the management of product life cycles, the innovation-cannibalization duo, production management, productivity, and the opening of export markets.



Polytech represents an industry, composed exclusively of SMEs (small and medium industries) that manufacture and market a product made from a steel-based alloy that is similar to a simple metal profile.
A number of local manufacturers share the market regionally. The only external competition they face is from an importing wholesaler who holds about 20% of the market, which sometimes allows them to “sell off” prices. The product developed and standardized by the major steel groups has reached maturity. In order to ensure
As they grow, the firms will have to manufacture a second product and conquer an export market.


The company translates its policy by making some thirty decisions concerning production (quantities manufactured, purchasing policy, management of fixed asset fleets, complex labor management, etc.), marketing (sales force, salaries and commissions, quota, advertising), finance (loans, duration, etc.) and forecasts .
The Polytech simulation is suitable for Bachelor 3 and Master 1 levels.

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